We Love the IRS

You say what? “you love the IRS,”  you have got to be joking.  Ok yes we are, but they only took a year to get us this lovely letter so whose complaining…..

Joking aside the SMBC is now a full fledged 503 (c) charity.  When we parted ways with IMBA we lost the status of their umbrella filing and had to file for our own. We did it the regular way and sent in the docs — that was 10 months ago or so.  And today we opened the mail to this wonderful attached letter.  So now all future donations and any dues are deductible as when we were an IMBA chapter.  However now we are totally independent and can take our charity in the direction that best reflects its members and the local MTB scene.

In Service,



Sedona Trail Stewardship Fund IRS letter

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More Trails Please

Hey Sedona riders,

JF sent this over for publication and we agree we need to take action to get these important trails added to the system..  Follow the below guide he created to take ACTION now!

All of the SMBC members have to do is click on this link ( jmburns@fs.fed.us ) and title an email to Jennifer as 2014 Scoping Comment.
Then they could send a comment similar to one listed below or compose their own comment based on their own personal feelings and insights from  either going to the RTCA meetings or from their own personal experience.
RE: 2014 Scoping Comment
Ranger Burns:
As an SMBC club member I appreciate all of the work the Forest Service has done previously to adopt user created trails to a system status. I am also aware that the Forest Service would like to create a cross country closure to all off trail riding in all areas currently legal for mountain bikers to transit cross country and I am against such a trail closure.
Currently equestrians and hikers have no restriction on anywhere they can travel in the 500,000 acre Red Rock Ranger District. As an SMBC member I believe a cross country closure to mountain bikers is discriminatory. Ranger Burns has admitted that she realizes that it is discriminatory to a fellow mountain biker who attended a number of RTCA meetings. She recently admitted to Rama that she would like the closure to continue to exist, so that gives members something serious to think about.
My hope is that the current Cross Country Closure is lifted when it is determined that the reasons for the closure have never been proved and were based on a Forest Service model that seem to be inaccurate at this point in time. Currently all archeological studies have been requested of trails in the closure area to discover what significant impacts user created trails have had to this point.
Trails I would like to see given the highest priority for adoption are: Special Ed, Pyramid, Witch Doctor, Catwalk, Bike Path, Under the Radar, Cakewalk, Double D, Windsurfer, Bogus, Airport Connector, Upper Ramshead, Stay High, Ledge’n’Airy, Drano, Last Frontier, Western Civilization, Sketch and Old Ramshead. All of those trails make great connector trails and would reduce the user conflicts due to heavy usage of the other popular system trails in the West Sedona area. If it were to be determined that any of those trails were to cause significant impact to archeological sites or proven to significantly create erosion that leads to silt in the pristine Oak Creek, those trails should be re-routed or armored to eliminate significant impacts to the watershed like other adopted or newly constructed trails have under gone.
Lower priority trails to be adopted would be Transcept, Red Rock Crossing, Jump Trail and Harms Way. The last new trail priority would be the new Equestrian Bypass trail that parallels the Bell Rock Pathway Trail and ends up in the Bell Rock Vista Parking lot at the north end of the parking lot. The concept behind this trail is that it would hopefully reduce the user conflict being experienced on the very popular Slim Shady user created trail which serves as a major north and south connector from Bike and Bean and Absolute Bike shops.
The reason for listing the Equestrian Bypass project as a lower priority is that it was never listed as a concept during the RTCA Trails Planning process. The Village of Oak Creek riders who are now in favor of that new connector trail gave up on the RTCA Trails Planning Process only after attending the first couple meetings. It seems odd that that connector concept should be listed as Ranger Nicole Branton’s number one priority when she didn’t even attend any of the meetings.
Possibly, the critics of the trail planning process were correct that public input in those meetings was meaningless, but my hope is that they were not correct in that early assumption. If the Equestrian Bypass trail gets the highest priority it will just help prove those critics were probably correct about the process.
SMBC Member or Joe Blow Sedona Trail User
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Spring Trail Update from RRRD

Here is a update from Jennifer Burns at the RRRD office about Spring trail issues.  Comments are open on this post to get feedback on the signs.   Some things to consider are how much the sign educates other users about multi-use and the way bikers use the trail.  For instance the sign might include language warning hikers and users to avoid using headphones while on the trail as this can cause conflicts and safety issues.  Hit this post with your thoughts.

  • We continue in drought conditions. The dry earth is challenging trail maintenance.

Please stay on established trails and protect the stressed out plants and soils.


  • ·        Attached is a proposed sign for some of our more well used trails where I am receiving more than usual

complaints about bikers not understanding the etiquette. I would like your feedback regarding this sign.


  • ·        Work on the “hog” trails continues…and needs your help. Light and heavy work is

still needed to get these trails on the system. Please come out to volunteer for trail work days. See attached schedule.


  • ·        A FS trail crew is doing maintenance throughout the area through the end of April;

Friends of the Forest trail crew continues their work to reconstruct steps at Midgley Bridge Vista and update trail signs.


  • ·        Adopt a Trail is alive and well. Give a call to Forrest (203-7509) if you want to adopt a trail or need help (or training).


Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns regarding trails,


Jennifer Burns

Recreation Staff Officer

Red Rock Ranger District

203-7529  ”


MTB Yield-Slow Sign

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RRRD news From Jennifer Burns


The Red Rock Ranger District will be hosting volunteer trail work days starting in February. Work days are open to anyone interested in light to heavy trail work on trails located between Broken Arrow and Little Horse trails. See the schedule below for dates/times.  Volunteers should come prepared with a helmet if available, eye protection, work gloves, drinking water, sun screen, a hat, long sleeved shirt, long pants, and wear boots with ankle support. All tools provided by USFS.


The work will include key reroutes and tread work on three new official trails.  Several eroded “social” trails will be restored to a natural condition and minor trailhead work will be done.  The new trails include Hog Heaven, Hog Wash and High on the Hog. In 2013, the Forest Service made the decision to renovate this trail system. A grant from PeopleForBikes was secured to assist with the work. In addition local clubs and businesses are sponsoring the work through volunteerism, snacks, tools, and signs. Sponsors include: Verde Valley Cyclists Coalition, International Mountain Bicycling Association, Over the Edge Sports, Absolute Bikes, Bike and Bean, Pink Jeep Tours, and Sedona Real Inn. The area will serve as a pilot project for “share-the-trail” signage to encourage shared use of hikers and bikers in a very popular and scenic part of the forest.


Works days will be 8:30 a.m. to noon (except on Saturday and Sunday 2/22 and 2/23 and 3/1 and 3/2 when work may go into the afternoon if participants wish to stay). Meet at the Broken Arrow Trailhead parking area at the end of Morgan Road.   For more information please callFrancisca Adrian at 928-203-7531 or email at fcadrian@fs.fed.us


Work Days

Feb  22, 23

March 1, 2, 22

April  19

May  17



The upper segments of Cathedral Rock Trail will be closed to public use periodically while heavy trail maintenance is conducted the week of January 27th. Closures can be expected between 8AM and 5PM Monday – Friday January 27 through 31st. A work crew will be moving large rocks which may pose a danger to trail users. The work crew is conducting heavy trail maintenance in the steepest upper portions of the Cathedral Trail above the junction with Templeton Trail. Visitors can call the Red Rock Visitor Center at 203-2900 for an update on the closure segments each day. Work is being done by members of the Coconino Rural Environment Corps who will be learning advanced trail building skills while they improve the condition of this heavily used trail.


The Cathedral Rock Trailhead and lower segment of Cathedral Rock Trail will remain open. However, there are no alternative routes to Cathedral Saddle. Visitors are encouraged to use the Templeton Trail or other area trails during the closure.


For more information call Francisca Adrian at 203-7531



A 0.6 mile trail called Sedona View was recently completed and connects the upper Airport Vista with the Lower Airport Saddle.  The trail offers a way for hikers to get between these two popular sites more safely without walking on the busy Airport Road, and views from the trail include Sedona and the Red Rock Secret Mountain Wilderness to the north.


Surveyed by the Forest Service over 8 years ago, the trail construction was finally made possible through an agreement with Friends of the Forest and through funds from Sky Ranch Lodge, located on the Mesa. Rick Hamilton, Sky Ranch Lodge general manager, said that helping with the trail is a way to “give back to the community” in a key public location.


Airport Manager Rod Propst, provided help to cut through the airport fence and install the pedestrian gate to keep deer and other wildlife off the airport runway. Forest Service, with crews from the Coconino Rural Environmental Corps, constructed the trail on the steep side slope between the Airport Road and the airport boundary.



Friends of the Forest Trail Crew has been fixing some badly eroded large stone steps at the Midgley Bridge Vista on the Huckaby Trail. This work will continue for several Fridays. The trail will not be closed during the work.



The new 3.6 mile Bones Trail is completed and links Raptor Trail with Rust Bucket Trail. These trails are typically accessed from the Raptor Trailhead at Deadhorse Ranch State Park, but are located on Forest land. The trail is open to hikers, horse and bikers and provides excellent views of the Verde Valley. The 1 mile “upper” Bones Trail is under construction. Anyone wishing to assist, please contact Adrian at 203-7531.

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Final RTCA Meeting Reminder

The final RTCA meeting is on Thursday September 26th.  Link to calendar post  We think it is important for the MTB community to have a significant presence, and encourage you to attend this final event.

Here is a list of the tentative topics as distributed by the USFS:

  • Special presentation/discussion with Trail Mix representative Scott Escott. He will explain how all trail users cooperate for mutual gain for trails around Moab Utah – hikers, bikers and equestrians – potential model for us.
  • Report out from Cate Bradley on the preliminary trail survey results.
  • Update on trail decisions and coming activities; trail program for 2014.
  • Discussion on who is willing to help to make progress on our trail priorities.

All previous meeting notes can be found/reviewed at: http://www.fs.usda.gov/main/coconino/landmanagement/planning

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Online Trails Survey

In parallel with the ongoing RTCA process, an online survey has been established by a subcommittee of the RTCA program specifically inquiring about individual preferences for local trails.  This was developed to gain additional information about trail preferences, wants, needs, desires, etc.  This is the same survey discussed during the RTCA meeting, and sent out via various advocacy groups to your e-mail address.  If you have already filled it out, thank you.  If not, the link is below.  Please pass this on to anyone who lives in, or frequents the trail system in and around Sedona that may be interested.  The survey ends on August 24th, so if you want your input to count keep this in mind.

Link: Survey


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SMBC mapping partner Juicy Trails goes live

A project started some time back with the intention of returning some economic energy back into our trails has now gone live.  The SMBC Juicy trails mapping product has just been integrated into our site and printed versions of the Sedona Rides will soon be available.  We are finishing up the details with Juicy Trails and are excited to bring this high-tech, easy to use great mapping product that raises money for our trails to Sedona. The affordable waterproof handheld printed maps will provide trail users with a great take along product that is backed by a mapping app now available for Android in the Google Play Store.  A portion of each map sold goes right into the Sedona Trail Stewardship Fund for work on our trails.  For the first time our local trail community will have a viable systemic way to redirect some of the economic energy moving through town back into the trail system.


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New Update from Jennifer Burns

Hi All,  Attached is the map that contains most of the ideas/concepts expressed by you in our meetings. Lars and Brady, please upload this image onto your websites under “RTCA July Meeting notes” so people can go there for it as well.


A couple things about this map:



  • I know I missed some of your ideas, there will be a chance to add at our next few meetings, or you can e-mail ideas in.


  • To make sense of the lines on the map, you really need to put the map side by side with the spread sheet that contains all the map codes, ideas and reasons. This information can be found on the Coconino or VVCC.us web sites under the April meeting notes. (http://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/coconino/landmanagement/planning/?cid=stelprdb5407300  look at April notes)
  • I coded as many of the lines as I could so you can refer to the April notes spreadsheet and see why someone suggested each of the routes. It takes some time, but if you read the explanations in the spreadsheet and look at the map, you get a good idea of what is suggested and where and why. The code starts with the map number, followed by initials and then comment number (usually).


  • The lines on the map are not intended to be “site specific trail alignments” but rather to indicate the need for a particular loop, connector, or route. Site specific alignment comes later after planning and prioritizing.


  • This is the map that we will use for our “priorities” group discussion at our upcoming meeting next Thursday July 25, Hilton 6-8PM. We will also use this map to compare with the Forest Plan guidelines, on Thursday. Please come!



Jennifer Burns

Recreation Staff Officer

Red Rock Ranger District

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Ring a ding ding this Spring

Hello fellow SMBC members!  We hope that you are enjoying the AMAZING spring weather and that you are putting your new bells to good use.

Our board is excited to be meeting with Patrick Kell, South Western Regional Director of IMBA on Monday May 20th, 2013 to discuss the SMBC and IMBA’s partnership moving forward.
It is our intention to present your comments and concerns to Patrick that you have voiced via the club website and those that were written at our first annual general membership meeting.
We would also like to discuss with Patrick how the SMBC and IMBA can become a more effective team and more relevant in representing those interests.

Please feel free to post any comments or questions that you would like us to deliver to Patrick in the “Comments” section of this post
If you would like your comments to remain anonymous please
email them to community@sedonamtbclub.com and note this in the body of the email.  As always, to insure accountability and transparency your comments will be printed out and provided to Patrick at the meeting.

We’re looking forward to an exciting and successful 2013 and to the future.
Sincerely, your SMBC board.

Thank you for your participation and support.  Ride On!

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SMBC on Pinkbike

Hey gang, it’s our club philosophy that we cherish feedback. We are happy to provide a link to this informative article that gives a solid perspective from outside our community. The following are a few important facts that are important to update from the SMBC.

-The SMBC membership has doubled in Q1 of 2013
-The SMBC continues to reach out to the forest service through a variety of community supported initiatives
-The SMBC still disagrees with discrimination against mountain bikers20130510_110630_Price Rd
-The recently launched SMBC “bell” program is a solid example of the club working positively to enhance trail users experiences in Sedona.

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