New Update from Jennifer Burns

Hi All,  Attached is the map that contains most of the ideas/concepts expressed by you in our meetings. Lars and Brady, please upload this image onto your websites under “RTCA July Meeting notes” so people can go there for it as well.


A couple things about this map:



  • I know I missed some of your ideas, there will be a chance to add at our next few meetings, or you can e-mail ideas in.


  • To make sense of the lines on the map, you really need to put the map side by side with the spread sheet that contains all the map codes, ideas and reasons. This information can be found on the Coconino or web sites under the April meeting notes. (  look at April notes)
  • I coded as many of the lines as I could so you can refer to the April notes spreadsheet and see why someone suggested each of the routes. It takes some time, but if you read the explanations in the spreadsheet and look at the map, you get a good idea of what is suggested and where and why. The code starts with the map number, followed by initials and then comment number (usually).


  • The lines on the map are not intended to be “site specific trail alignments” but rather to indicate the need for a particular loop, connector, or route. Site specific alignment comes later after planning and prioritizing.


  • This is the map that we will use for our “priorities” group discussion at our upcoming meeting next Thursday July 25, Hilton 6-8PM. We will also use this map to compare with the Forest Plan guidelines, on Thursday. Please come!



Jennifer Burns

Recreation Staff Officer

Red Rock Ranger District

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