SMBC mapping partner Juicy Trails goes live

A project started some time back with the intention of returning some economic energy back into our trails has now gone live.  The SMBC Juicy trails mapping product has just been integrated into our site and printed versions of the Sedona Rides will soon be available.  We are finishing up the details with Juicy Trails and are excited to bring this high-tech, easy to use great mapping product that raises money for our trails to Sedona. The affordable waterproof handheld printed maps will provide trail users with a great take along product that is backed by a mapping app now available for Android in the Google Play Store.  A portion of each map sold goes right into the Sedona Trail Stewardship Fund for work on our trails.  For the first time our local trail community will have a viable systemic way to redirect some of the economic energy moving through town back into the trail system.


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