We Love the IRS

You say what? “you love the IRS,”  you have got to be joking.  Ok yes we are, but they only took a year to get us this lovely letter so whose complaining…..

Joking aside the SMBC is now a full fledged 503 (c) charity.  When we parted ways with IMBA we lost the status of their umbrella filing and had to file for our own. We did it the regular way and sent in the docs — that was 10 months ago or so.  And today we opened the mail to this wonderful attached letter.  So now all future donations and any dues are deductible as when we were an IMBA chapter.  However now we are totally independent and can take our charity in the direction that best reflects its members and the local MTB scene.

In Service,



Sedona Trail Stewardship Fund IRS letter

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