SMBC Elects Interim Board Positions, and Establishes Board Nominating Committee

On Friday June 15th the SMBC board members, with assistance from the Southwest Regional IMBA representative Patrick Kell, met and voted on our interim board positions.
The SMBC board positions are interim positions, are in effect until December 31st 2012, and are as follows:
– Interim President – Phil Kincheloe, Sedona resident and business owner
– Interim Secretary – Don Buffoni, Sedona resident
– Interim Treasurer – Zack Greenfield, VOC resident and Sedona business owner
As part of the election process, the SMBC board members voted on a Board Nominating Committee.  They are seeking SMBC members who are interested in becoming a candidate for a board position.  They will solicit potential candidates, perform due diligence, and submit qualified candidates to the existing SMBC board for ratification.  Then candidates are up for general election into board positions by the SMBC membership at large.  General elections are anticipated to be in late November to early December 2012.  The Board Nominating Committee members are as follows:
-Jim Monahan, Sedona resident, owner Bike N Bean bike shop in VOC
-Phil Kinchelow, Sedona resident and business owner
-Dave Cichan, Sedona resident, owner The Fat Tire bike shop in Uptown
The existing interim board positions will be augmented by one additional position, Vice President, for a total of four board positions once we transition to non-interim board members.  If you wish to submit yourself to be a candidate, you can e-mail, or contact any of the Board Nominating Committee members listed above.  Candidates must be members of the SMBC, residence of Sedona/VOC, and may not be an owner/employee of the local bicycle industry.  Candidates must submit their request to the Nominating Committee no later than October 15th, 2012.
To become a member of the SMBC you can click on the “join” button of the SMBC website where you will be directed to the SMBC/IMBA portal.  Minimum annual membership dues are $30, additional amounts are appreciated.   As a resident of the Sedona/VOC area, you can choose to have your membership contribution go to both organizations – SMBC and IMBA.  With one contribution you have a membership in both organizations now, made possible through our new partnership in the Chapter Program.

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