Hello fellow Sedona mountain bikers and friends:


This is our first Sedona Mountain Bike Club post to our new site so everyone in the Sedona mountain biking community can stay up on whats happening with SMBC.


Who we are.


The Sedona Mountain Bike Club (SMBC) is a local chapter of the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA).  We are a start-up chapter, which essentially means that we have formed as a part of IMBA to represent club members in and around Sedona.


Where we are in the process?


Although we are officially a chapter of IMBA, we are currently undergoing the process of chapter integration.  IMBA chapters come into being through a pre-defined process.  On Tuesday, April 17th we anticipate our final step to complete this process.  At that time IMBA is planning to enable open enrollment to our chapter via the IMBA web portal.


As you can see we also got together this site. We hope that as resources and volunteers grow we can use the site as a hub for our chapter and community.  We anticipate tools that can work for collaborative projects , communication, our records and more.  At a basic level this site will serve to keep everyone informed on whats going on with Sedona Trails and the club.  We ask for your patience while we keep working on bringing more to the site.  In the interim, you can find out more about IMBA and the IMBA chapter program by visiting the IMBA website at the following link:




IMBA brings a great deal of resources to the table with respect to advocating on behalf of the mountain bike community at large.  They provide a proven track record of accomplishment with respect to mountain bike advocacy, and the ability to communicate on a national and international level.  While IMBA will continue to advocate on an international level, we will focus our efforts here in Sedona by representing the local Sedona mountain bike community.  We hope that you share our excitement and optimism about the future of mountain biking in Sedona.



How do we get involved/participate?


In the interest of collaboration and transparency we are announcing the following dates to the general community.  Additional information about IMBA and the Sedona Mountain Bike Club will be available during these events, and we will seek input from the Sedona mountain bike community during these times.  All the events below are also listed in the calendar page with details.


-Thursday, March 29th at 6-7:30pm:  IMBA Club Care Workshop. For more information on this event, here is a link:


-Saturday, March 31st: IMBA Trail Building School.  Classroom training 9am to Noon.  Trail training 1pm to 4/5pm.  Lunch is provided.  See the same link above for additional info.


-Sunday, April 22nd:  SMBC Ride/BBQ event.  The details of this event will be published as they are finalized.  This event is planned the very first weekend after we are completely integrated with IMBA.  While we will be available at the prior events, we anticipate this to be the best time to hear and be heard.
All local mountain bikers are welcome.  Please come and share your commitment, concerns, and passion.
Yours in Advocacy,


Don Buffoni

Director of Communications (Interim)

Sedona Mountain Bike Club, a chapter of IMBA

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