SMBC Staying Focused on The Positive

In a precedent setting move the SMBC board has decided to meet illegal trail building head on.   The board recently ruled that illegal trail building is eating up resources that are better delegated to adopting cherished world class trails within the Sedona area.

Specifically SMBC members are directly involved and working with the forest service on finalizing adoption of both Hangover and Highline trail.  These two major projects are where the real attention needs stay focused.  In an effort to move on in a positive and efficient way the SMBC has offered support in repairing the Brewer Rd. area trail.  This will assist in freeing up Forest Service Resources that can be directly put into the two important trails we all love.  Click below to read the official letter sent to our District Office.   Look for more updates and opportunities to volunteer where you can make primo trails and mountain bike fun happen all over Sedona.

SMBC response to Brewer Rd. Wildcat trail

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2 Responses to SMBC Staying Focused on The Positive

  1. admin says:

    Thanks for the comment LocalRider.
    IN this instance the position and the letter was approved by all members of the board. Don Buffoni, Anthony Quintile and Zack Greenfield directly wrote and edited the letter and all members were given access to the document for approval and comments before it’s final distribution. In the end, the letter and the post accurately represent the conclusions of our discussion at the last board meeting. Your sugestions will be on the agenda for our next meeting. Rest assured that being trasparent and open about our work is paramount and we will continue to work in that direction on each challange we meet.

  2. Local Rider says:

    I’m posting in reference to the “Staying focused on the positive” news item. Good Work.

    I was pleased to see that the SMBC took a firm stance on the trail issue but did not reinforce the negativity that channel 3 directed towards mountain biking.

    Who else was responsible for this decision. I’m sure Phil didn’t do this alone. I’d like to see all future SMBC correspondence list the names of the board members who sign-off on the decision. This will build trust among us local riders and let us know you’re serious about accountability and transparency.

    Thank you!!!

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