Sedona Trails Additions Decision Memo

Recently the RRRD posted a memorandum on their site which indicates that a few user built trails will be adopted, some will be re-aligned, there will be some new trails constructed, and some will be naturalized.  A link to the USFS memo page as well as associated maps is on our docs & maps page.

In short:

-Hi Line, Hangover, Rust Bucket, Upper & Lower Bones, and Chuckwagen Connect (Gunslinger) will be brought into the system.

-Airport Connect is slated as a new trail to alleviate some issues between the two popular vistas tourists visit on the mesa.

-Tomahawk, Levitra, Killer Bee, and Damfino are slated to be “naturalized”.

The SMBC attended trail walks with other user groups and the RRRD for both Hi Line and Hangover some months ago.  Additionally, we sent letters of support to the RRRD indicating our desire for inclusion of Hi Line and Hangover as official system trials, expressing the need to maintain the current technical nature of both trails as part of the adoption process.

A number of club members frequently ride the trails slated for naturalization.  While we are excited about inclusion and adoption of some great trails, we are dismayed by the decision to naturalize several of the most technical trails in this area.  We feel there is a need which, if gone unmet, will spur the re-creation of similar type trails.  This may aggravate the current situation with respect to illegal trail construction.  Internal discussions are already under way to find a suitable location for creation of such trails in coordination with local land managers.  During the RTCA public comment meeting on October 25th, the desire for these types of trails was repeatedly brought up by members of the local population.  If you have suggestions, or can lend a hand, please let us know.

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