SMBC board appoints “RAMA” Jon Cogan as president

The godfather of Sedona Mountain Biking takes the helm of the SMBC effective today at 4pm.  The motion to appoint “Rama” Jon Cogan in the roll of acting president was put forth by Zack Greenfield and was quickly seconded by Dave Cichan of Fat Tire Bikes, Don Bufoni and Jim Monohan of Bike and Bean.  The 24hr discussion period expired today at 12 noon and votes securing the position quickly came in thereafter.  Rama is a galvanizing figure and arguably the most influential rider the area has seen.  His notion of Sedona as a premier riding destination was visionary at a time when the town was primarily known for its local artists and spiritual happenings.   Rama brings a unique historical perspective to the board and a large group of friends and fans to the SMBC family.  Members have expressed they are so happy to have him come on board at this critical time.  The level of enthusiasm and positive energy he holds will surely be felt by our local community of Mountain Bikers.

The term of appointment will continue for a maximum of 180 days upon which a general election will take place for officer positions in the club.  Interest in participating in the board, the club or in any way you feel you can should be directed to

To reach Rama email


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  1. Alane D. says:

    So happy to see Rama appointed as president of SMBC !

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