SMBC brings the RRRD trails into the digital age

hiline signThis week the SMBC took a major step into the future of the trail user experience here in the Red Rock Ranger District.   With cooperation from the Red Rock Ranger District office and Jennifer Burns, the SMBC was able to install a new digital sign system today at the first of several authorized installations.  The system design was created by members of the SMBC board and reflects a modern approach to trail management, and user experience enhancements.  The new signs use a technology called “quick response code” which are easily scanned by a user’s mobile smartphone.  The district is a perfect place for this type of new digital information system due to its good network coverage.  Users who scan the signs will find information on trails previously not available trail-side.  In addition the system requires little to no field maintenance to keep updated.  In fact each sign can be updated in real-time, so in the future users will access the most up to date trail information, including new routing, conditions, work schedules, volunteer opportunities.

The idea was presented by the SMBC some 7 months ago and took some time to finally get installed.  SMBC will continue to support the data backbone with charitable dollars raised through the Sedona Trail Stewardship Fund.   Cost for the system are currently less that $8.00 per month and will be kept up to date by volunteers of the club with little time commitment.   The SMBC club looks forward to expanding and supporting this new system which enhances the experience for all users and visitors of the district.

To participate in, or support this project please email and get involved with the future of the Red Rock Ranger District.

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