Keeping People Out Vs. Getting People Out

Brady Robinson, Executive Director of the Access Fund a rock climbing advocacy organization, makes a pragmatic argument about Recreation and the Future of the Conservation Movement.  He poses the question of demographics as an important consideration for the conservation movement’s future.  This couldn’t be a more poignant point here in Sedona, though it also applies across the globe.

As mountain bikers we may not enjoy nature the way you do, but conservation is in our best interest too.

Please take the time to watch his TedxBoulder talk from 2012.  It is less than 15 minutes, is from a non-mountain biker’s point of view, and it will introduce things you may not have considered when looking at your fellow trail user groups.  I know it made me think twice on a few things.  We hope you enjoy.

Brady TedxBoulder Talk 2012

Here is a link to the recent state by state outdoor economic report for Arizona, that helps to quantify the economic potential Brady referred to in his presentation.

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