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Post trail conditions and any other notes you feel a fellow rider will need to max out their enjoyment in Sedona

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  1. Don B. says:

    May 16th – Rode most of the stuff on both sides of 179. Starting to see quite a bit of wind-blown talcum powder. Its drifty, but most areas are not terribly loose just yet. There are a few exceptions which are getting blown out. I am sure things will continue to loosen up until we get some rain.

  2. Nunchuker says:

    Rode Highline yesterday and it was starting to dry out and get loose in many sections. The area past the chute is loose and a bit sketchy so beware and control speed. Do all you can to avoid skidding and pulling the trail down.

  3. Nunchuker says:

    As of the Friday Duo City Enduro Ride the trails were amazing after the rain on Thursday. Uper Munds, Middle Munds and Ant hill & Brewer area were all in great shape for high speed riding and super traction.

  4. Don B. says:

    As of 15 April: Little Horse, Slim Shady, Llama, & HT were hero dirt. Hiked Mystic and it looked fine too.

  5. Nunchuker says:

    Chuck wagon, Gunslinger and Mescal all dry and fast. Getting loose out there which is typical of the marble sections on those trails. Noticed extreem amounts of tire ruts due to people riding that area when wet. Please folks be kind and allow the trails to firm up legitimately after we get precip.

  6. Nunchuker says:

    Rode slim shady-temp-easy breezy-little horse-lama. Trails are fast and dry except a few spots in the washes. A little loose in the corners now and small marbles are starting to come loose on sections. Noticed a few outside corners are blown out on off-camber sections. Worth some speed control in those areas to avoid similar fate.

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