SMBC has provided a page here so Forest Service updates that are important to our MTB community can be found and easily referenced.



Hi All,  Attached is the map that contains most of the ideas/concepts expressed by you in our meetings. Lars and Brady, please upload this image onto your websites under “RTCA July Meeting notes” so people can go there for it as well.


A couple things about this map:


  • This map should be viewed as an ideas map…it is not a “plan”.


  • I know I missed some of your ideas, there will be a chance to add at our next few meetings, or you can e-mail ideas in.


  • To make sense of the lines on the map, you really need to put the map side by side with the spread sheet that contains all the map codes, ideas and reasons. This information can be found on the Coconino or VVCC.us web sites under the April meeting notes. (http://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/coconino/landmanagement/planning/?cid=stelprdb5407300  look at April notes)
  • I coded as many of the lines as I could so you can refer to the April notes spreadsheet and see why someone suggested each of the routes. It takes some time, but if you read the explanations in the spreadsheet and look at the map, you get a good idea of what is suggested and where and why. The code starts with the map number, followed by initials and then comment number (usually).


  • The lines on the map are not intended to be “site specific trail alignments” but rather to indicate the need for a particular loop, connector, or route. Site specific alignment comes later after planning and prioritizing.


  • This is the map that we will use for our “priorities” group discussion at our upcoming meeting next Thursday July 25, Hilton 6-8PM. We will also use this map to compare with the Forest Plan guidelines, on Thursday. Please come!



Jennifer Burns

Recreation Staff Officer

Red Rock Ranger District



Hey Adopt-A-Trail Folks,


I want to introduce myself to the adoptees I have not met. I am the new trails foreman here in Sedona and the new coordinator for the Adopt-A-Trail program so any questions, JHAs, trail condition reports, etc. please send them my way. If there is anything I can do to help please feel free to contact me via email or phone. My email issfsaville@fs.fed.us and my phone number is 928-606-1748.


I really want to see this program grow so please let me know if there are any ideas out there that would move us in that direction. I hope to start holding some trainings and work days (when the weather cools down), so everyone can get on the same page/get to know each other. In the meantime, if you have questions about your particular trail, I am more than willing to come out and talk about any issues that you have.


I also wanted to let everyone know that we will be holding another AAT class on June 29th. Please pass the word along and feel free to pass along my contact info to interested people.


Thanks for all your hard work and I look forward to working with you all.


Forrest Saville

Forestry Technician (Trails)

Red Rock Ranger District

Coconino National Forest

(928) 606-1748



March 21             Agenda

  • Introductions at tables
  • Overview of map process
  • Forest Plan presentation – Jennifer Burns                            20 minutes
  • Map work –                                                                        60 minutes

Small and large maps will be available to “draw on”; participants can group up or work alone.

encourage discussions about the ideas being marked up –

  • Group wrap-up discussion                                           20 minutes

Any common themes jumping out?

Any patterns in various areas showing up?

Any challenges with this process?

What worked about this process?

What needs to be improved?

(Maps will include the area around Sedona and Big Park, all official trails and shaded relief, private land, roads and other major features. Maps of existing “social and user-created trails” will be available for reference. See-through acetate will be used with markers to “draw” concepts and ideas onto the maps.)

Maps available for take-home.


For all previous meeting notes, go to http://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/coconino/landmanagement/planning/?cid=stelprdb5407300 or www.VVCC.us


For those of you who want more information about the upcoming meeting:


– provide multiple ways in which people can provide input about the RR trail system


– handout 11×17 maps of the trail system to everyone there

– post 11×17 map on website so people can continue working/thinking after the meeting

– have 3 various maps, with acetate overlays, at each work station table for people to mark (and code) their ideas

– have flip charts at each work station to record the “reason” for each mark along with the identification code

– every mark on a map must have a reason why or it will not be part of the meeting record

– people can work in groups and talk things out, they can move between groups, or they can work independently



– be clear about what is being asked


– have a facilitator at each group work station to keep the discussion flowing and make sure the reasons are being recorded

– identify access areas

– identify what trails they use now

– what user experience type they enjoy on which trails

– any ideas about user zones

– possible connectivity/linkage opportunities

– other ideas/issues to express



– see what people think is needed for future trails system and why

– let people express their trail ideas

– layout the approaches for future mapping meetings


Ground Rules, such as:

– think about concepts before marking

– make conceptual marks (not detailed) and record the reason for that mark

– every mark must have a reason or it will not be recorded

– no lobbying of or for ideas

– be respectful of others

Jennifer M. Burns

Recreation Staff Officer

Red Rock Ranger District

8375 SR 179 (P.O. 20429)

Sedona, Arizona 86351 (86341)

928-203-7529; cell 928-551-2559

Fax 928-203-7539


If you are interested in ancient technologies used in this area, the RRRD has an event for you.  Click on the below pic to see details of an event at V Bar V on March 23rd and 24th:

Screen Shot 2013-03-15 at 11.16.58 AM



For Immediate Release


October 29, 2012



Brady Smith, Coconino National Forest, 928-527-3490

Brienne Magee, Flagstaff Ranger District, 928-527-8290

Connie Birkland, Red Rock Ranger District, 928-203-7505


Participate in volunteer trail work to “make a difference”

Sedona, AZ – If you like the outdoors and are interested in volunteering to “make a difference” in the National Forest, come join the Forest Service trail team with several upcoming volunteer trail work days.

The first volunteer work day is scheduled for Sunday, November 11. Volunteers will organize into several small teams lead by the Forest Service where they will work on a portion of the Slim Shady trail, located west of Yavapai Point Vista. Individuals will learn trail construction techniques and how to safely contribute to a well planned and maintained trail system.

Interested volunteers are asked to meet at the new Yavapai Vista parking area for the November 11 event at 10 A.M. The parking area is located south of Sedona on State Route 179 and is accessed from the southbound lane.

Volunteers need to come prepared and bring with them: a helmet if available, sun glasses, work gloves, drinking water, sun screen, a hat, long sleeved shirt, long pants, and wear boots with ankle support.

Additional Red Rock District volunteer trail events are planned for:

  • December 8th and 19th, 2012
  • January 19th and 30th , 2013
  • & February 16th and 27th , 2013


For more detailed information on locations and to share your interest, please call F. Adrian at 203-7531 or email her at fcadrian@fs.fed.us



Hi Everyone, Below is the information that I am distributing around the Brewer neighborhood to try to get some information about this ½ mile of new unauthorized trail. See attached for location off of Brewer Road. Please contact me or Jon if you can help!

This also went out to the media and likely will be in the local news.




Officials Seek Information on

Construction of Illegal Trail


The Red Rock Ranger District is seeking any information about who has constructed an unauthorized trail on National Forest between Brewer Road and Airport Saddle, north of the Brewer Trail and due west of Juniper Lane. The trail construction was investigated recently after a call from a concerned resident. The trail, approx. 12-18” wide and over ½ mile in length, is located on steep slopes and consists of numerous banked turns and switchbacks, trimmed trees and extensive benching. The unauthorized construction has caused severe erosion and damage to an archaeological site.


Forest Service asks that anyone with information about who is responsible for this unauthorized construction please call Supervisory Law Enforcement Officer Jon Nelson at 928-527-3509.


Maintaining or creating trails without environmental analysis or authorization from the U.S. Forest Service is an illegal activity. A person who undertakes this kind of illegal activity might think they are doing something worthwhile, but building unauthorized trails impacts archaeology, plants and wildlife, as well as causes erosion.



August 13, 2012



Jennifer M. Burns

Recreation Staff Officer

Red Rock Ranger District

8375 SR 179 (P.O. 20429)

Sedona, Arizona 86351 (86341)

928-203-7529; cell 928-551-2559

Fax 928-203-7539




Hi all, attached are the FS notes (finally) from our field trip. We were waiting on the peregrine info to add in for completeness. Our next step with this trail is to get a cultural survey completed. That will complete all the required resource surveys. Then we will need to finish our “decision” process through NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) which requires a public notice, comment period and finally a decision (depending on what public feedback we get).

Thanks again for coming on the field trip, it was really important to the discussions!





Fossil Creek area to be closed beginning tomorrow

Flagstaff, AZ – The Coconino and Tonto National Forest will be implementing an expanded area closure tomorrow at 8 a.m. in order to protect public health and safety due to extreme fire conditions.

The closure area includes the entire Fossil and Hackberry Mountain area, and borders sections of the Verde River and state Route 260. The closure order and a detailed map of the closure area is available online at www.redrockcountry.org/about-us/orders/04-12-16-f.pdf.

Individuals recreating and camping within the closure will be asked to leave and no additional entrance will be allowed until fire danger lessens.

This emergency closure is necessary in order to protect the extraordinary Wild and Scenic Fossil Creek from wild fire risk given the extremely dry conditions, entrapment potential and remoteness.

The public is welcome to call (928) 226-4611 for the latest closure information.  Fire prevention is a priority, and forest officials are adopting a zero tolerance policy. Citations will be issued for all entry and fire and smoking violations.




Brady Smith, MBA

Forest Public Affairs Officer

Coconino National Forest

Tel:  (928) 527-3490

Cell: (928) 310-6817



Red Rock Trails Update: May 2012 – Red Rock Ranger District

Solder Wash area trails: Thanks to folks who worked on both the reroute and the restoration of the old section of the north part of Grand Central Trail over two recent weekends (including Earth Day on April 21). About 15 people helped out. In particular, thanks to Troy Rarick of OTE for coordinating people for the trail work day and thanks to Laurent Deviche for leading the restoration day. The weather was perfect and a little soil moisture helped. This reroute will get a few more special touches to deal with flow and hiker unfriendly berms.  Justin of the FS has placed most of the directional signage into the Soldiers area. I am waiting on the “YOU ARE HERE” signs to come in. These have been ordered with thanks to Over the Edge Sports and Friends of the Forest donations. The Adobe Jack Trailhead parking lot has been paved (thank you George and Claudine Moore) and will be open soon. Trailhead kiosk and signage is still to come.

Yavapai Point area trails: This area has had a lot of work over the past 6 weeks starting with the CREC crews and IMBA trail care work day at the end of March (see IMBA website for great photos of those who participated). A new re-route of the Slim Shady was completed as well as rock armoring work on some of the drainage spots that had been damaged in past deconstruction attempts. A stunning new kiosk structure is in place and the parking reopened. Kiosk signage is coming later. The south end of Slim Shady near Red Agave got some “social trail” closures and restoration. Please keep to the new alignment to save the fragile soils. Directional signage is on order thanks to donations from Absolute Bikes and Friends of the Forest. Red Agave is creating a public access point through their gate out onto the Slim Shady Trail. Thank you Jim Monahan for going through the process to make this easement happen.

Mescal – Long Canyon Connection: This trail was re-routed to avoid sensitive resources. T. Robison and D. Copp stepped up to build the reroute which completes the loop without having to get onto the pavement. Adrian completed the “boulder fencing” at the Mescal parking area on Long Canyon. This was done to protect the nice vegetation there as well as to discourage the dumping of yard waste that has been going on there on and off for years.

V bar V Cultural Site Trails: This spring the rural environmental corps (CREC) installed beautiful new pathways at this outstanding cultural site located a few miles east of I-17. Enjoy the bonanza of rock art and the cool forest beside Beaver Creek, while you admire the new decomposed granite Trail surfacing (foot traffic only)!

Bell Rock Pathway: This popular trail got a face-lift this spring. Try it out when you want an easy trail. The “ramps” and the rubbly gullies were reworked so that it lives up to its name as a pathway. The work was done to make the trail safer for beginner hikers and bikers and to address long-standing drainage issues. Now we need to re-work the “single-track” bypass to make it function better (anyone want to help with that?).

Friends of the Forest Volunteer Trail Crew: These folks (including the “Trail Hot Shots”) have done a tremendous amount of maintenance work, tree clearing, trash pick up, and graffiti removal along trails this year. This includes work on the Munds Wagon, Huckaby, Margs Draw, Kel Fox, Jacks Canyon, Boynton Canyon, and South Wilson, and Big Park Loop trails. Thanks for keeping at it!!

Upcoming Trail Work and Planning

Status of New Trail additions: FS still must do cultural surveys for Easybreezy, Anaconda and Snake trails before they can be signed and maintained (a decision to add these trails to the system has already been made). The surveys are scheduled for next month. FS has not made decisions concerning: Hiline, Gunslinger, Lower/upper Bones, and Rust Bucket. These are being fully assessed this year and a decision will be made by Ranger Provencio by end of summer. Issues mainly concern sustainability and who will step up to do maintenance, if they are adopted. (How bout you?)

Adopt a Trail Program: Speaking of stepping up for maintenance – the Sedona City Council showed their appreciation for the local trails this past week when they put funding for an Adopt a Trail Program into their initial 2013 budget. The idea is that they would help the Forest Service fund two people to coordinate trail maintenance efforts with interested individuals and organizations that want to help maintain the great trail system in the Red Rocks. I think there will be a lot of interest in this once it gets going. If this is a success maybe it will catch on with neighboring communities. If you are interested in the program or want to help with trails in any way, please contact Adrian – Red Rock District Trails Coordinator at 203-7531.

Cornville Trails: This project is moving forward with resource assessments of non-motorized trail routes on Forest land between Cornville and Verde Santa Fe subdivision. If interested in this please contact Eric LaPrice at 203-2914.

Lake Montezuma/Rim Rock Trail Planning: A public meeting was held on May 1st and another will follow on May 9th (6-8PM Oak Creek School, Cornville) to get public input on a motorized and non-motorized trail system surrounding these communities (and even further west). Get involved, call or e-mail Eric LaPrice (elaprice@fs.fed.us )

June 2 – National Trails Day: Any ideas from you all on a place to get together and do good trail work? Please let us know. We want to plan something fun and worthwhile.

One CREC crew (8 people) will be here next week to work on tread stabilization on the Cathedral Rock Trail and possibly additional restoration north of the Red Agave. If you have ideas of work CREC can do (they like to lift big rocks) please let us know. Their work is focused on improving sustainability of trails here. They have several extra days not yet planned.

If anyone wants to put together a volunteer trail work day on your favorite trail that needs maintenance, please let us know and we’ll help with tools and guidance to make it happen!

Please Remember: Stay off wet and muddy trails to save our tread!  SHARE THE TRAIL! To protect Red Rock’s sensitive ecosystem, any trail construction or maintenance must be authorized first by Forest Service or it is a violation of Federal Law. Please report any unauthorized trail work to the Forest Service. Flagstaff, AZ – A Village of Oak Creek resident reached an agreement in Federal Court on Tuesday regarding charges of unauthorized trail construction and has been banned from all national forests in Arizona for two years and ordered to pay restitution.


Unauthorized trail construction is not a laughing matter… After a recent investigation, Gerald Griffin, 74, of the Village of Oak Creek admitted to unauthorized trail construction on the Red Rock Ranger District. In addition to being banned from all National Forests in Arizona for two years, Griffin was ordered to pay $1,000 in restitution.


District Ranger Heather Provencio stated that illegal trail construction continues to impact the Red Rock Ranger District by causing erosion and impacts to archaeology, plants and wildlife. The District has a process for trail planning and adoption to ensure that resource and social concerns are addressed. She stressed that there are severe penalties for those who take trail construction or maintenance into their own hands.





Jennifer M. Burns

Recreation Staff Officer

Red Rock Ranger District

8375 SR 179 (P.O. 20429)

Sedona, Arizona 86336 (86341)

928-203-7529; cell 928-551-2559

Fax 928-203-7539




Hi all, just a quick note to let you know that Forest Service has placed some green paint markings on the “user built” route known as Rust bucket, located north of Dead Horse State Park. I don’t want anyone to think that there is a graffiti vandal out in that area. On Saturday, April 28th I looked at the trail for potential to add into the Forest Service trail system. The green markings are placed for potential reroutes and other fixes to make the route sustainable. To become a “system” trail this route will need public scoping, archaeological surveys, soil, plant and wildlife surveys and a final decision by the District Ranger. Saturday’s reconnaissance was part of this process. Please do not erase the marks as we still need them.





Jennifer M. Burns

Recreation Staff Officer

Red Rock Ranger District

8375 SR 179 (P.O. 20429)

Sedona, Arizona 86336 (86341)

928-203-7529; cell 928-551-2559

Fax 928-203-7539







Urgent Reminder! PLEASE STAY OFF OF MUSHY TRAILS! Walking or riding on saturated soils is when damage is done through soil displacement and compaction. We need our tread to stay in place, so wait for a few days of drying out before heading out!


Yavapai Vista: Thanks to all that volunteered on March 10th at Yavapai Vista! The connectors to the Slim Shady Trail and Templeton Trail are roughed in. It was a beautiful day and lots of work got done. Thanks also to Sedona Westerners for the bagels and muffins that energized us! Yavapai Vista will be open to the public at the end of the March. While the signs for the kiosk and entry are still on order, you’ll be able to see the beautiful new stone work up close and try out the new connector trails. Temporary trail signs will be in place by then.


Soldier Wash: CREC (Coconino Rural Environmental Corps) crews worked through the snowstorm to finish trail stabilization at wash crossings in Soldier Wash area and to put in a new alignment on the NW corner. Temporary signage is going in. See attached map for what will be posted at junctions. More work is needed in this area. If you have comments on the work or want to volunteer, please contact Adrian.   Still to come: a few more reroutes and restoration/naturalization of unsustainable trail segments in several locations. George Moore is still waiting for ADOT approval for paving of the Adobe Jack Trailhead on 89A.


Trails North of Deadhorse: The Raptor Trail got the benefit of an ACE (American Conservation Experience) trail crew for several days this week. ACE trail crew leader John Donovan and volunteer trail boss Lars Romig led the group in the armoring of one of the “giant steps” with erosion and drainage issues.


Bell Rock Pathway – Traffic Change! This popular trail is having a much needed make-over. A CREC crew has been working on and off for a month to restore tread, ramps and drainage. This past week (until it got too mushy) the crew created a new permanent trail alignment off of the heavily eroded trail segment just west of Bell Rock. The restoration of the old alignment is still in progress (storm delay) so please respect the signs and use the NEW ROUTE now!! It connects differently to the “singletrack bypass” so watch for that as well.


Adopt a Trail Program: Jennifer Burns will make a request to the City of Sedona to partner with the Forest Service on an Adopt-a-Trail Program. This program would encourage residents to get involved in the trail and trailhead maintenance and stewardship for forest areas adjacent to Sedona. This partnership will be discussed at the Sedona Parks and Recreation Commission meeting on March 26th 6PM.


Cornville Trails Planning: The Forest Service is moving forward with the development of a preliminary trail plan for the Forest area northwest of Cornville. For more information please contact Sarah Belcher at 928-203-2900.


Lake Montezuma/Rimrock Trails: The Forest Service will be asking for public comment on a trail system for the Lake Montezuma/Rimrock area this year. This trail system would be both motorized and non-motorized. If you want to be on the mailing list for this project, please let Eric LaPrice know at 928-203-2900.


Lost and Injured Visitors: The last 6 months have seen too many lost visitors. Most 911 calls are from hikers/bikers who stray onto an unsigned “social” trail, and get lost and night comes. Thanks to everyone who helps prevent this by orienting visitors in the field. Thanks to the Red Rock Mt. Bike Patrollers and the Friends of the Forest Patrollers and the Sedona Westerners and to all the bike shops and visitor centers for urging people to take good maps and proper equipment with them into the Forest. And finally, thanks to our dedicated search and rescue teams who go out at all hours to bring the lost people home.


Sedona Single Track Celebration: Coming to the Sedona community this weekend, event located 1405 W. Hwy 89A, next door to the Olde Sedona Bar & Grille.  Forest Service will be at the event on Saturday, asking for comments on area trails.


International Mountain Bike Association Trail Care Crew Visit: Coming to the Sedona Ranger District the last weekend of March. This is a chance to learn about sustainable trails with an emphasis on mountain bike use. See more and register at: IMBA.com. There will be a volunteer trail event on Sunday April 1.


V bar V Days: Coming this weekend at the V bar V cultural site, just east of Sedona. Red Rock Pass required at the site. Come enjoy this event with all kinds of interesting archaeological displays and activities. In addition, check out the new trail work that has been completed throughout this old ranch cultural site. For more information call the Visitor Center at 928-203-2900.


As always, I welcome help with and comments and ideas about our Red Rock trails.


Jennifer M. Burns

Recreation Staff Officer

Red Rock Ranger District

8375 SR 179 (P.O. 20429)

Sedona, Arizona 86336 (86341)

928-203-7529; cell 928-551-2559

Fax 928-203-7539