Learn To Ride

If you have always wanted to ride better, clean more sections, and understand what you are doing that works or doesn’t work on your bike, then you found the right page.  The SMBC riders are always pushing and learning more skills to tackle the demanding Sedona trails.  When the opportunity to add rider education into the mix came up two members knew this would be a great for the visitors and locals to experience.  Learning the fundamentals of effective mountain biking technique is how an even veteran rider can unlock a whole new level of fun. For those starting out or a few seasons in, getting into a clinic or doing some private sessions can take years off the learning curve within hours.  Below we included some content about the new IMBA program and a section on how to contact our local certified instructors.

In January 2013, IMBA purchased the rights to the International Mountain Bike Instructor Certification (IMIC) from Shaums March, a two-time masters world champion in downhill racing. March joined the IMBA staff in developing the program curriculum and will serve as the ICP’s lead instructor trainer.

Tammy Donahugh, a longtime IMBA staff member, professional mountain biker and certified skills instructor, will manage the ICP. Courses are planned for every region of the U.S., Canada and worldwide, with sessions already scheduled in Arizona, Japan and the United Kingdom. IMBA ICP offers three levels of certification, each requiring IMBA membership.

  • Level 1, Ride Guide: A one-day course that certifies an individual to lead group rides with a high level of competence.
  • Level 2, Basic Skills Instructor: A three-day course that certifies an individual to teach basic mountain bike skills. Skills covered include body position, braking, shifting, climbing, cornering and more.
  • Level 3, Advanced Skills Instructor: A four-day course that certifies an individual to teach advanced mountain bike skills. Skills covered include wheel lifts, steep descents, bunny hops, drops, jumps and more.

The SMBC is pleased to have two of the first IMBA certified instructors as members.  Simon Bosman and Zack Greenfield both passed the course in February 2013 and are Level 2 certified.  In addition to being certified to lead rides, level 2 certification includes skills that riders need on the challenging Sedona trails.  For private groups or one-on-one lessons contact Simon Bosman at simon@sedonamtbclub.com or Zack at Zack@sedonamtbclub.com.

Please Print and Sign the Activity Waiver Form to save some time when you arrive.

Also watch our Calendar page for upcoming mini-camps, free skills sessions and club rides where the learning and skill building never ends.