Online Trails Survey

In parallel with the ongoing RTCA process, an online survey has been established by a subcommittee of the RTCA program specifically inquiring about individual preferences for local trails.  This was developed to gain additional information about trail preferences, wants, needs, desires, etc.  This is the same survey discussed during the RTCA meeting, and sent out via various advocacy groups to your e-mail address.  If you have already filled it out, thank you.  If not, the link is below.  Please pass this on to anyone who lives in, or frequents the trail system in and around Sedona that may be interested.  The survey ends on August 24th, so if you want your input to count keep this in mind.

Link: Survey


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SMBC mapping partner Juicy Trails goes live

A project started some time back with the intention of returning some economic energy back into our trails has now gone live.  The SMBC Juicy trails mapping product has just been integrated into our site and printed versions of the Sedona Rides will soon be available.  We are finishing up the details with Juicy Trails and are excited to bring this high-tech, easy to use great mapping product that raises money for our trails to Sedona. The affordable waterproof handheld printed maps will provide trail users with a great take along product that is backed by a mapping app now available for Android in the Google Play Store.  A portion of each map sold goes right into the Sedona Trail Stewardship Fund for work on our trails.  For the first time our local trail community will have a viable systemic way to redirect some of the economic energy moving through town back into the trail system.


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New Update from Jennifer Burns

Hi All,  Attached is the map that contains most of the ideas/concepts expressed by you in our meetings. Lars and Brady, please upload this image onto your websites under “RTCA July Meeting notes” so people can go there for it as well.


A couple things about this map:



  • I know I missed some of your ideas, there will be a chance to add at our next few meetings, or you can e-mail ideas in.


  • To make sense of the lines on the map, you really need to put the map side by side with the spread sheet that contains all the map codes, ideas and reasons. This information can be found on the Coconino or web sites under the April meeting notes. (  look at April notes)
  • I coded as many of the lines as I could so you can refer to the April notes spreadsheet and see why someone suggested each of the routes. It takes some time, but if you read the explanations in the spreadsheet and look at the map, you get a good idea of what is suggested and where and why. The code starts with the map number, followed by initials and then comment number (usually).


  • The lines on the map are not intended to be “site specific trail alignments” but rather to indicate the need for a particular loop, connector, or route. Site specific alignment comes later after planning and prioritizing.


  • This is the map that we will use for our “priorities” group discussion at our upcoming meeting next Thursday July 25, Hilton 6-8PM. We will also use this map to compare with the Forest Plan guidelines, on Thursday. Please come!



Jennifer Burns

Recreation Staff Officer

Red Rock Ranger District

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Ring a ding ding this Spring

Hello fellow SMBC members!  We hope that you are enjoying the AMAZING spring weather and that you are putting your new bells to good use.

Our board is excited to be meeting with Patrick Kell, South Western Regional Director of IMBA on Monday May 20th, 2013 to discuss the SMBC and IMBA’s partnership moving forward.
It is our intention to present your comments and concerns to Patrick that you have voiced via the club website and those that were written at our first annual general membership meeting.
We would also like to discuss with Patrick how the SMBC and IMBA can become a more effective team and more relevant in representing those interests.

Please feel free to post any comments or questions that you would like us to deliver to Patrick in the “Comments” section of this post
If you would like your comments to remain anonymous please
email them to and note this in the body of the email.  As always, to insure accountability and transparency your comments will be printed out and provided to Patrick at the meeting.

We’re looking forward to an exciting and successful 2013 and to the future.
Sincerely, your SMBC board.

Thank you for your participation and support.  Ride On!

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SMBC on Pinkbike

Hey gang, it’s our club philosophy that we cherish feedback. We are happy to provide a link to this informative article that gives a solid perspective from outside our community. The following are a few important facts that are important to update from the SMBC.

-The SMBC membership has doubled in Q1 of 2013
-The SMBC continues to reach out to the forest service through a variety of community supported initiatives
-The SMBC still disagrees with discrimination against mountain bikers20130510_110630_Price Rd
-The recently launched SMBC “bell” program is a solid example of the club working positively to enhance trail users experiences in Sedona.

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