Weekly Club Rides Resume

Today marks the first day of Spring, and with it we announce that our weekly club rides will resume.  But wait, there is more.  You get two rides, for the price of one (which happens to be free).

Our weekly El Presidente Club ride kicks off the Spring ride renewal.  The first of which is this Sunday starting out near Johnny’s garage.  Check the calendar for details.

Our normal evening rides also resume on Wednesday, March 27th.  We will start gathering at 4pm, and the train leaves the station at 4:30.  This is a done deal, so put it on your calendar.  We will post the location shortly.  Post ride festivities usually follow at one of the local businesses.

Happy Spring and good riding!

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John Finch’s RTCA trail love voting goes live!

Member John Finch takes the initiative to gather popularity ratings on trails that we ride.  This is the first move to make the adoption process and trail design process democratic by way of quantitative votes.  For that alone this is worth your time and a big thanks for John for getting it off the ground.  Please take the 2 minutes out of your life to rate the trails by your level of “love”.  This anonymous data will be saved and presented at future RTCA planning meetings. There are maps online to help you identify trails if that helps



[gform form = ‘https://docs.google.com/a/onelotus.net/spreadsheet/embeddedform?formkey=dDhhUDlqM2lLR0lzN3lHV2x5VGEwZHc6MQ’]

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Link to Change.org Petition

A recent Change.org petition was launched with the support of the Sedona Trail Stewardship Fund LLC., a non-profit advocacy organization.  The petition is directed toward a mountain bike specific trail closure order under heavy consideration by the Red Rock Ranger District.

Link to Petition

We invite you to check it out, and if you feel so inclined to sign the petition.  If you feel others may be interested, pass this petition along to them as well.

Multiply your impact

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SMBC brings the RRRD trails into the digital age

hiline signThis week the SMBC took a major step into the future of the trail user experience here in the Red Rock Ranger District.   With cooperation from the Red Rock Ranger District office and Jennifer Burns, the SMBC was able to install a new digital sign system today at the first of several authorized installations.  The system design was created by members of the SMBC board and reflects a modern approach to trail management, and user experience enhancements.  The new signs use a technology called “quick response code” which are easily scanned by a user’s mobile smartphone.  The district is a perfect place for this type of new digital information system due to its good network coverage.  Users who scan the signs will find information on trails previously not available trail-side.  In addition the system requires little to no field maintenance to keep updated.  In fact each sign can be updated in real-time, so in the future users will access the most up to date trail information, including new routing, conditions, work schedules, volunteer opportunities.

The idea was presented by the SMBC some 7 months ago and took some time to finally get installed.  SMBC will continue to support the data backbone with charitable dollars raised through the Sedona Trail Stewardship Fund.   Cost for the system are currently less that $8.00 per month and will be kept up to date by volunteers of the club with little time commitment.   The SMBC club looks forward to expanding and supporting this new system which enhances the experience for all users and visitors of the district.

To participate in, or support this project please email community@sedonamtbclub.com and get involved with the future of the Red Rock Ranger District.

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SMBC board appoints “RAMA” Jon Cogan as president

The godfather of Sedona Mountain Biking takes the helm of the SMBC effective today at 4pm.  The motion to appoint “Rama” Jon Cogan in the roll of acting president was put forth by Zack Greenfield and was quickly seconded by Dave Cichan of Fat Tire Bikes, Don Bufoni and Jim Monohan of Bike and Bean.  The 24hr discussion period expired today at 12 noon and votes securing the position quickly came in thereafter.  Rama is a galvanizing figure and arguably the most influential rider the area has seen.  His notion of Sedona as a premier riding destination was visionary at a time when the town was primarily known for its local artists and spiritual happenings.   Rama brings a unique historical perspective to the board and a large group of friends and fans to the SMBC family.  Members have expressed they are so happy to have him come on board at this critical time.  The level of enthusiasm and positive energy he holds will surely be felt by our local community of Mountain Bikers.

The term of appointment will continue for a maximum of 180 days upon which a general election will take place for officer positions in the club.  Interest in participating in the board, the club or in any way you feel you can should be directed to don@sedonamtbclub.com

To reach Rama email ramajon@sedonamtbclub.com


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SMBC Members Pass 1st ever IMBA instructor certification

IMBA just rolled out it’s new ICP (Instructor Certification Program) February 6, 2013.  As luck would have it the first class given by Shaums March was held in nearby Fountain Hills.  Shaums March had spent a decade prior to the new licensing agreement developing the program before it was exclusively acquired by IMBA.  Simon Bosman and Zack Greenfield two SMBC members were among the first to pass the four-day course and become IMBA Level II certified to instruct and guide mountain bikers.  The SMBC club is now well prepared with two home town instructors to put on clinics and provide our visitors and locals with an even better experience in Sedona through professional on bike guidance.   Look for upcoming clinics covering topics like

1st IMBA ICP class with volunteer students at McDowell Mountain State Park

1st IMBA ICP class with volunteer students at McDowell Mountain State Park

high-speed cornering technique, proper riding positions, weight shift, wheels lifts, climbing, lunging and dozens of others that will hone and develop rider skills at all levels.   And hook up with Simon  at simon@sedonamtbclub.com to learn about private and group lesson opportunities.

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RTCA Meeting Reminder

Just a quick reminder that the second RTCA community meeting is tonight.  Here is a link to the location and time.

We encourage you to attend these meetings as they are likely to play a big part in shaping the trail system in the not too distant future.

Hope to see you there, and to hear you share your ideas with the community.

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Sedona Trails Additions Decision Memo

Recently the RRRD posted a memorandum on their site which indicates that a few user built trails will be adopted, some will be re-aligned, there will be some new trails constructed, and some will be naturalized.  A link to the USFS memo page as well as associated maps is on our docs & maps page.

In short:

-Hi Line, Hangover, Rust Bucket, Upper & Lower Bones, and Chuckwagen Connect (Gunslinger) will be brought into the system.

-Airport Connect is slated as a new trail to alleviate some issues between the two popular vistas tourists visit on the mesa.

-Tomahawk, Levitra, Killer Bee, and Damfino are slated to be “naturalized”.

The SMBC attended trail walks with other user groups and the RRRD for both Hi Line and Hangover some months ago.  Additionally, we sent letters of support to the RRRD indicating our desire for inclusion of Hi Line and Hangover as official system trials, expressing the need to maintain the current technical nature of both trails as part of the adoption process.

A number of club members frequently ride the trails slated for naturalization.  While we are excited about inclusion and adoption of some great trails, we are dismayed by the decision to naturalize several of the most technical trails in this area.  We feel there is a need which, if gone unmet, will spur the re-creation of similar type trails.  This may aggravate the current situation with respect to illegal trail construction.  Internal discussions are already under way to find a suitable location for creation of such trails in coordination with local land managers.  During the RTCA public comment meeting on October 25th, the desire for these types of trails was repeatedly brought up by members of the local population.  If you have suggestions, or can lend a hand, please let us know.

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SMBC, IMBA and the USFS continue on with RTCA grant program


U.S. Dept. of Agriculture

U.S. Forest Service

Coconino National Forest





For Immediate Release

October 11, 2012


Public Affairs Contacts:

Brady Smith, Coconino National Forest, 928-527-3490

Brienne Magee, Flagstaff Ranger District, 928-527-8290

Connie Birkland, Red Rock Ranger District, 928-203-7505



A call for community collaboration on future trails

Sedona, AZ – The Red Rock Ranger District, in partnership with the City of Sedona and the Big Park Council, are seeking to create a non-motorized trail plan that reflects local values and recreation needs and promotes tourism for regional economic benefit while protecting the resources that draw people to this special area. Your help is needed!


Local citizens are encouraged to join this collaborative effort by attending a kick-off meeting October 25, from 6 to 8 p.m.  This event will be held at the Synagogue of the Jewish Community of Sedona, located on Meadowlark Drive and State Route 179.


This is the first in a series of monthly meetings to update the local trail plan for our forest lands near Sedona and Big Park.  All members of the public are welcome. Your ideas are vital for this community planning effort.  


Agenda items for the October 25 meeting will include: an overview of the process, discussion of desired outcomes, sharing of ideas/values and trail interests, brainstorm of concerns, monthly schedule, and developing a core working group.


Annually, over 600,000 trail users enjoy National Forest trails in the Red Rock area. Popularity and use continues to increase, particularly for hiking and mountain biking. What will the future of our trails be and what new trail opportunities are appropriate? How can trails better connect with the community? These are some of the challenges that will be addressed.


For more information concerning this planning effort, please contact Jennifer Burns at 928-203-2900. Additional forest recreation information is available on our website at: www.fs.usda.gov/coconino.


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The National Public Lands Day volunteer event will include a restoration project to help fix damage that occurred from a recent 1/2 mile of unauthorized trail construction in Sedona near Brewer Road. Volunteer trail work will include construction of erosion control features and “naturalizing” the damaged area.

Tools, drinks and snacks will be provided on site. Please wear long pants, boots, gloves, a hat and plenty of sunscreen. To participate, meet at the Christ Center Wesleyan Church parking lot at 9:00 a.m., located on Brewer Road. The event will last until around 2:00 p.m. All volunteers are welcome and will be entered into a raffle to win various hiking and biking equipment, donated by local clubs and businesses. This event is generously supported by Over the Edge Sports, Absolute Bikes, Sedona Bike and Bean, The Hike House, Verde Valley Cycling Coalition, and Sedona Mountain Bike Club. For more information on this volunteer event on the Red Rock Ranger District, please contact Adrian at 928-203-7531 or fcadrian@fs.fed.us  In addition, Sept 29th will be a Fee Free day for all Red Rock Pass sites.

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