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SMBC’s got Bells!

SMBC Members Have Bells!

SMBC Members Have Bells!

Seriously, as a THANKS to all SMBC members who attended the amazing meeting on Thursday night, all of you received a gift of a trail bell to be picked up at one of the three supporting bike shops: Absolute, Bike & Bean, and Fat Tire.  Others can support the program by donating $5.00 and receiving a “thank you bell”.  The bell program was adopted from a sister advocacy group in San Diego the SDMBA.  So a big thanks for encouragement from SDMBA members Chris Hatch and Jason Liebrecht.  The bike bell program has become a huge hit in San Diego by reducing trail user conflicts with mountain bikers.  With fewer trails to ride the SMBC recognizes the need to be heard on the trails before conflicts arise.  So if you hear the sound of a bell out there get ready to see a bike coming up.

The bells are different than the traditional thumb activated bells because they are passive.  Setting the bell to “ring” on faster sections assures you are heard before the next blind turn without compromising your grip or counting on rider judgment about what turns are blind.  With the cooperation of the RRRD future SMBC bell  programs will include “hike up” bell-boxes at the trail bottoms and “ride down” bell-boxes at the top so visitors can participate and stay safe as well.

Again a big thanks to the rapidly growing SMBC membership for participation at the meeting.  We can’t wait to “hear” you out on the trails!

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“One of the greatest threats to conservation may be declining public support due to fewer people engaged in outdoor recreation.”

The title was taken from the conclusion notes in a 2009 study by the Nature Conservancy.  And yet, there is a whole crop of up and coming people becoming engaged through mountain biking.  Here is a link to a recent article in Elevation Outdoors Magazine that discusses the need for new blood in the conservation movement.  It certainly challenges a common misnomer about mountain bikers as a user group.

Mountain Biking and Conservation Groups Teaming Up

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General Member Meeting Update

The SMBC’s first general membership meeting is set to go this Thursday evening at 6:30pm at the Sedona Creative Life Center at  333 Schnebly Hill Rd.  Members in attendance will receive a special gift for their bikes so don’t miss out.


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A Thanks From Our Visitors

Not everything is so “heavy”.  In fact one of the main edicts of the club is “FUN”.  I think that was on the top of all our lists when we started to ride mountain bikes.  It was also on the top of the list when we started the SMBC.

I remember my first days aboard a hard tail aluminum Trek in the dried out Salt River riding over river rocks amazed at what that little granny gear could get you over.  Might sounds lame by today’s standards but it was “FUN” then.  That day started a series of rides that would take me all over the Southwest and as far north as Glacier National Park for mountain bike adventures.  This video from some great California riders, I think captures that “FUN” that we all seek on our rides. It was sent back to us as a token of their thanks for having a great time in Sedona.  Enjoy….

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