Friends of Hangover – Now is your time!

Time to rise up and make sure we don’t loose the thing we love.  Go check the thread on MTBR.  Make your weekend ride a blast while you move to protect the trail we all love.  If you are a mountain biker in Sedona, or for that matter anywhere in Arizona and love this trail. Now is your time to make sure you are heard.  Come ride and be heard on Sunday morning at 9am at cow pies parking lot.   Your local advocacy group is now in action to protect what you love. RIDE DETAILS

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SMBC now taking donations

SMBC is excited to announce we now are accepting donations for the Sedona Trail Stewardship Fund directly through the website. Please see the right-hand margin for the DONATE button. Donations are tax-free because SMBC is a non-profit Arizona corporation. These donations will go directly into the fund and will be used for Mountain Biking Advocacy in the Red Rock District. We pledge that these funds will stay local.

In fact, donations made here on our site go directly to our local club and are not commingled or shared with any other organization or IMBA national accounts. These donations will translate directly into action items we decide on as a community club. Thanks for your support in advance.


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Sedona Trail Stewardship Fund now at Chase Bank

SMBC set up the new non-profit accounts for the Sedona Trail Stewardship Fund at Chase Bank today.  Supporting members made the first deposits as soon as the accounts went live.  Thanks again for your support as we all work together for great mountain biking in Sedona.

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VVCC SMBC meeting results

Hey Sedona bikers.  We had a productive and positive meeting with the Verde Valley Cycling Coalition board on Monday night this week.  The president and several other board members were present, along with Pat Kell our regional IMBA director.  After a general discussion of the history of bicycle and Mountain Bike advocacy in the area and evaluation of where things are today; both clubs agreed to work together in a positive and productive way.   Handshake agreements were made to keep in close communication on trail advocacy issues and to provide close support in overlapping challanges for bikers in our area.  SMBC will continue to focus on the Sedona trail system and advocate for Mountain Biking in the immediate Sedona area.  To that end we need your support and participation.  Please join us for a fun chapter ride for all abilities in mid May.  This is a chance to have fun, visit, and find out what we can do to protect and enhance Mountain biking right here in the place we love.  Thanks again for all the support and remember to VOTE on the issues:


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Club Ride Date Changed

Waiting for insurance underwriting forced us to push back our first club ride.  We added the new date of May 13th at 9:00am to the calendar.  We look forward to getting together at that time.   Keep adding yourselves to the Chapter list at the left and voting on the issues on our site.

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